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Originally Posted by jujubee
Wow - I like your take on this also. I always see minor as not actually "minor" as in it's not worth worrying about but a situation that can be fixed. For example- if a death occurred in my family - I'd give that a major card - or if a divorce occurs, etc. But if I get a bad grade in a class I am taking - yes it CAN affect my overall gpa and yes it can influence my chances of getting into a better program in the future BUT it is not a major event that cannot be controlled as the above. (Divorce is questionable I know but it's definitely in a major category since this is someone you expect to spend your life with and it fails). Of course I also believe that each person sees a major event differently! what is minor to ME can be very significant to someone else and vice versa. So it's sort of left up to the person asking the questions. A ten of swords can indeed be painful - the 8 of swords pain of feeling betrayed is indeed VERY intense. But since I don't read reversals- the only time I would see a minor card as a major event is if a major card opened next to it.
I think the Tarot will work within each person's understanding and interpretation, so its one of those things where what's right is what works. But you must also find, I would think, that many of your Major draws are not all that life changing, and also - and more importantly - that Majors do not always imply inevitability: that they indicate a future potential which you may be able to adapt, reduce, change or counter.
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