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I'll add my 2 worth. I'm deeply in love with my three Fool's Dog apps--Steampunk, Shadowscapes, and the Druid Animal & Plant oracle decks. And I use them quite a bit. They're an incredible learning tool for someone new to Tarot, and I can say I know I've progressed faster in my knowledge and ability to read the cards thanks to these apps.

I have just two frustrations with them.

1) For those of us with multiple devices (iPad/iPhone in my case), there's no way to sync devices. So my journal & all my individual card notes are stuck on my iPad, and I have no way to access them if all I have on me for some reason is my phone. Likewise, those card notes can't be easily replicated from one deck app to another. I would love to see some way to allow us to wirelessly sync this kind of information across devices, perhaps via Dropbox? (Across apps might be a bit difficult, I'm thinking, and I can live with having to copy/paste my card notes from one app to another.)

2) No way to create your own spread templates. While I love the spreads provided with all the apps I have bought so far, I'd still like to be able to add my own, complete with positional meanings to make them easier to read. The free form spread option is terrific, and I use it frequently, but I will often make use of spreads from here and I find myself having to flip back and forth between apps to figure out which card I laid down free-form matches which position, and what the heck did that position signify again? LOL When I find a spread I like, I will often reuse it, so being able to set up a template & assign card positions/meanings to it would be a huge plus.

And a general suggestion:

Give us options to use & display the base/shadow cards (card at the bottom of the deck) and summary/quint cards (calculated totals of all card numbers, typically excepting court cards, though that could be an option too). A LOT of people use these to help interpret their reading, and it would be fabulous to be able to show each of these alongside the cards selected for the spread.

These are awesome apps, and I highly recommend them. These features would be the icing on an already very delicious cake.
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