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How about the Piatnik Wien (whose style I really love)?

I did four takes on the Marseille - el Tarot de Marcelino, TAROT Tarot, Tarot de Maria Celia and Tarocchi di Marcelo Inciso (notice the puns on the names? )I drew them based on the older decks, but with some leeway in terms of imagery. I have a friend who would refer to thse kinds of decks as 'Neo-Marseilles' instead of actual Marseilles, to address certain semantic issues, as LRichard pointed out.

The Marseille Sophistique is another beautifully rendered modern deck. Pablo Robredo is doing a beautiful woodcut version, and I think Yves did a wonderful set of majors-only linocuts some time back? I think Chronata also did a Noir take on it?
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