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Veracity of the Kabbalistic Visions Tarot

I'm very much into this deck, and if it's only the art we're talking about, I'll grab this if I think it's better than the Medieval Scapini. But I also want to know the veracity of the ideas in its companion book before I dive in.

From what I've read, the author of the deck, Marco Marini, is quite renowned as an expert of the Kabbalah, among other disciplines. However, I think it's more prudent if I ask the personal opinions of the knowledgeable people here who happen to own the Kabbalistic Visions Tarot, especially with regards to its teachings. If I do use this resource once I embark on a study of the Kabbalah, I wish to at least assure myself that its scholarly foundations are robust and sturdy.

So what do you think about the theoretical underpinnings of this deck?
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