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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
Not to confuse things (but I'm afraid it will), there are even published variations on the Golden Dawn system of ToL attributions
How different does a variant have to be before it ceases to be 'Golden Dawn' anymore?

Crowley's little IV-XVII tweak does no violence to the Tree and the distribution of the Hebrew letters. It's all standard GD stuff. The swapping of the two cards isn't arbitrary either. It still follows the rules of the Golden Dawn 'game' and can be easily identified as a minor variant.

On the other hand Frater Achad's system is completely independent. While his system retains of the Golden Dawn letter-card attributions, their placement on the Tree is totally different. This last point breaks any connection there may have been with the Golden Dawn and necessitates a reinterpretation.

For example in both the Golden Dawn and Achad's system the Fool is attributed to the letter Aleph. In the Golden Dawn the interpretation is expressed within the context of the dynamics between Kether and Chokmah. But in Achad's system the same card-letter pair has to represent the relationship between Yesod and Malkuth. That's quite a difference! A difference that a lot of 'new system builders' seem to overlook.
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