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Originally Posted by Aeon418 View Post
The sample images hosted on Aeclectic are a little strange.

The Hermit is clearly Yod and the Popess does have a camel above her. But is that meant to be a letter inscribed on it? If it is it ain't Gimel.

But which Tree is being used? And how are the letters distributed on it? Attributing letters to cards in isolation is meaningless. Their position on the Tree provides important context and influences interpretation.
I've seen a very busy ToL map that comes with the deck online, but at too low resolution/quality for me to make sense of --

Originally Posted by kwaw View Post

Re: GD variations - there was a variation within the GD itself of course -- the commonly known one being at variance with the cipher manuscript one the Lurianic ToL with Daath (and no horizontal paths) ---
The GD 'perfected' Tree of Life with Daath from the GD cipher manuscript, which was given out at the same time as the Tarot lecture at most lodges, albeit without explanation -
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