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Originally Posted by Pixna View Post
It's interesting that you said you've struggled with this card, Sulis. I have too. However, the minimalism in this card speaks more clearly to me than the Lovers in any other deck I've used, where the symbolism is often too complex or convoluted for me to make sense of. Here, intuition can play a much greater role, which I love. And your information about geese (and the V formation too!) has been extremely helpful.
I think the simplicity of these images also helps to link the cards together.. You can actually see something on one card heading towards another, you can see which way the energy is moving through the spread (I always lay cards out in groups of 3 or 5). You can see elements in one card repeated further on in the reading. That's how I read with TdMs, an angel will become something else in the next card or a certain motif will be repeated...
I'm waffling so I'll stop but I do think that often we get so much more from something that looks very simple or from a pip card than from an image that is jam packed with complicated symbolism - I think I do anyway .
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