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Thank you all, Sulis, Pixna and lark, for your wonderfull interpretation! It really helped me today when it turned up in my reading, I agree with all you said. I can confirm that they are Canadian Geese

I want to add something about the colour. It is a pretty intense blue, bright in the middle, and slightly darker on the edge. The first thing that came in mind was a clear blue sky, no clouds, all is going well! Nothing that can stop the geese from their quest, it's just the two of them together. That's what the lovers are all about, they are beyond trouble.

In Dutch we have a saying, 'geen vuiltje aan de lucht', litteraly translated: no impurity in the sky, meaning it's all serene, no trouble.

Blue is the colour of trust, stability, truth, communication.
Darker blues stand for a stable, calm conservative feeling. It is also the colour associated with the throat Chakra, which deals with communicatie of how we feel and what we think.

All of this resonates perfectly with what the lovers mean to me,
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