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Vision Quest - Five of Air

Description: There are five large feathers laid out on the ground in a star shape. A raven is flying over the feathers.

Significant Details: The feathers laid out in the inverted star shape signify the loss of hope. The raven, which has an aura, signifies that he is bringing us a message from the spirit world.

My Interpretation: You are consumed by fear and confusion. You are doubting yourself, and are mentally fatigued. You may experience feelings of abandonment. You may experience problems in a relationship, possibly thoughts of abandonment.

My Feelings About This Card: This card is dark, dreary. There is a lot of brown, earthiness, and a little green. I think the green (growth) is being pushed out by our fears. The star, inverted, is giving me a sense of loss of hope, or fearing to hope. I don't like this raven, he is bringing bad news, and I don't want to hear it.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: As the 4 (contemplation) and the 6 (clarity) are on the sides of 5 (fear), maybe this card is about our believing (fearing) that bad news is coming. The 5 is dark, whereas the 4 had light, and the 6 is brilliantly bright. Maybe this card is telling us that our fears are self-produced? We are over-thinking a situation in which we have doubts? Maybe the raven isn't bringing bad news, but reminding us that our mental/spiritual health may be affected if we do not get over our unfounded fears?
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