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Originally Posted by Lee View Post
I don't have the Distant Past, but judging from the available online scans, I would say that while it looks like a very pretty and attractive deck, it doesn't come close to the Touchstone's thoughtfulness, nuance, and depth. That doesn't necessarily make the Touchstone better in all situations. There are times when I just want a nice, pleasant deck to read with, and the Distant Past looks like it would serve that purpose for me admirably. But the Touchstone, brown though it may be, gives me a lot more to sink my teeth into.
Of course, it all comes down to personal preference and while I like the Golden, the Touchstone leaves me cold. I am the only one in the world (I know) who finds it disjointed and heavy - Henry VIII's arm sewn onto a Medici shoulder, conflicting light sources, off perspectives. What I would say is that if the Touchstone isn't your thing then maybe the Distant Past Tarot is for you. It has a light, airy gracefulness, a flutteriness which goes with the elegant portraiture. Yes, I think it's that which I love, the airy flutteriness which makes it feel so upbeat. I love the draping leaves at the edges of some of the cards. Like looking at scenes through willow tree branches on a riverbank. So summery and peaceful.

But I honestly thinking that comparing the Touchstone with the Distant Past is a bit pointless just because they're the same media. The energies are so very different. But the brown-ness and trompe l'oeil frames and brass plaques of the Touchstone oppress me...
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