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He's juggling balls rather than pouring liquid -- particles rather than waves? Three balls= Past, present, future. (In Tarot Plain & Simple, one title for this card is "The Angel of Time".) Also thesis, antithesis,synthesis.

In older decks, the Magician is often shown juggling, so this image connects Temperance with the Magician & the process of manifesting reality. Juggling = coordinating probabilities. The Magician shows manifestation from the conscious end, while Temperance shows conscious & unconscious working in coordination. I think this card relates to what Elias calls "the leprechaun", the part of oneself that translates energy into physical manifestation.

I like the way Wood calls the character a "winged man" rather than an "angel", implying that the spiritual capabilities shown here are available to so-called "ordinary" people, not just mythical beings. In dreams & on the astral, we all can fly!

The rainbow is not shown in this card, but perhaps the man is looking at it. Oddly enough, one of the balls is casting a shadow on the man's robe even though the sun is behind him, so there must be some other source of natural or supernatural light.
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