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21 Ways - Step Eight pt. 2

Golden Tarot - Eight of Swords

Metaphors and sayings for my chosen card:

_Out in the cold
_In a tight/tough spot
_Alone in the dark
_Bound and gagged -well, blindfolded
_Alone and forsaken
_Bound to lose
_Hopeless situation
_Struggling to get free
_Blind as a bat
_All tied up
_Sharks to the left, sharks to the right
_Stone cold
_Chilled to the bone
_The path less trodden

Above list made into personal/card statements:

_I am all tied up, struggling to get free.
_ I am alone and forsaken, out in the cold.
_I am on the path less trodden.
_I am chilled to the bone and stone cold.
_I am alone in the dark and blind as a bat."
_"I am bound and gagged, in a hopeless situation."
_"I'm in a tight/tough spot."
_"It feels like there are sharks to the left, sharks to the right of me."

I dont feel these ways now. The Eight of Swords represents the times in my life when I recognized abuse and made the decision to get out of Dodge!
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