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I love this card - but golly, where to start!

I like how the bright light that emanates from the HO seems to originate from her sacral chakra area - imo, not her heart. Maybe it originates from even lower down - base chakra?

I love how this image is painted - the open top of the Cup forms part of the oval apperture framing the HP. I love the symbols of the Minor Arcana around her - more usually associated with the Magician though. There are also flames beneath her, air above her, water behind her and, for me, the structure that she stands in represents the earth. Lots of feminine shapes - ovals, circles.

The pearl in the oyster....created by a bit of grit over a very long period of time. If you are still around, Firemaiden, I'd love to know which chakra you think her light emanates from.

Wonderful card.
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