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Originally Posted by rachelcat
I DO blame (and you should read this as THANK) Mary Greer for her wonderful work. And I (blame)THANK you for leading us so well and blame(THANK) everyone in the group and on the forum for making this a safe place for this exploration. Without this book's and this study group's REPEATEDLY deeper and deeper focus on one card, I would be zipping along, studying more and more esoteric little tidbits and continually shying away from anything that implies actually studying MYSELF.

I was tempted to follow your lead and pick a new card, but now I think I should continue and see just how DEEP I can go into this one--21 Steps deep (at least)! Thanks again!
Rachelcat, I really empathize with how you feel. Although I guess I have tip-toed around my need for "me time" and time for "spiritual development" the bottom line is I share your "gilded cage" or whatever you want to call it. I have also found exploring my card to really keep digging at this and like you I plan to ride it out with my card. Perhaps if I get beat over the head with it enough I will figure out what to do about it and how to do it.
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