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general question about interpreting a sabian symbol

Hello symbollers,

I have a general question about interpretation. Sabian Symbols, as written down by Lynda Hill, have a general meaning, and then a caution. Very often the caution contradicts directly the general meaning of the symbol.

When you are looking for an answer to a question - and you don't know that answer already - then how do you choose? I don't only divine about myself - in which case I can do some soul-searching and I'll know - I also divine about other people (often in relation to myself), to understand motivation, anticipate developments, etc. Since I don't like to second-guess people, and I don't want to project either, I find it sometimes very hard to read a symbol when the caution is so diametrically opposed to the main meaning.

So although I try and read a symbol in the round, I find that when asking questions, they can sometimes get a little too complex for my simple mind looking for a simple answer.

An example:

Q: "why has my sister reacted so aggressively to our father's suggestion of selling the family home?"
A: Aquarius 29, A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.

Now - does this mean she is still transforming, and that's making her insecure and bad-tempered, but that eventually she will emerge a beautiful butterfly? Or does it mean (as per caution), that she is resisting transformation, tying herself to the past and taking it out on her family?

See what I mean?
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