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Originally Posted by Fudugazi

An example:

Q: "why has my sister reacted so aggressively to our father's suggestion of selling the family home?"
A: Aquarius 29, A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.

Now - does this mean she is still transforming, and that's making her insecure and bad-tempered, but that eventually she will emerge a beautiful butterfly? Or does it mean (as per caution), that she is resisting transformation, tying herself to the past and taking it out on her family?

See what I mean?
Hmm I suppose it is perspective - both of your above answers are correct she is having a hard time cause she is not a butterfly yet - she cannot FLY away.. this can mean she has not transformed yet, or that she is restricting transformation OR that she is meant to be a bear and not a butterfly and will always find 'this' hard..

I suppose the answer is because she has strong ties to her 'chrysalis'... Id for example take out the 'taking out on her family bit' of your interp cause the sabian symbol is really focused on 'her' and 'her home'... something has delayed her development (the symbols dont judge).

I treat the caution like a reverse tarot card - and for me I dont Do reverse tarot cards very well.. I think we are already negative enough - we read far too much hardship into things as it is... well I do, I am very well versed in the hard side of things, I also try and phrase my question so I dont have to worry about deciding.. if I want a caution I say please tell me the caution for my work day, please tell me the caution about if I do this today...

I read and think about the symbol and all the aspects of it, then look to - in particular Lynda Hills first paragraph. I use the positive and caution only as a back up. If I am using other references - eg Marc Edmund Jones's book I only look at the key word, Lin Birkbeck I take all he has to say and 'sieve' it.

As for your sister and your father I hope they are both afforded some Divine TIME to move into this new era in their lives..

Ok - lets try another one


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