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Hi Fudugazi, MCsea and lark

Lark!! This is a beautiful interpretation!!
Originally Posted by lark
But even a butterfly may still have feelings about his season as catapillar, and fear all the changes that already have and will take place in his future, once the chrysalis is gone for good and the wind blows it place to safely crawl back into...even though he knows he would never fit in that old life again.

Just some of my thoughts ...

Sometimes I will go through Lyndas interpretation and just pick over words - not the entire reading - or maybe one sentance will stand out more so than another - I then piece the meaning together from those words. I see a staement forming.
The essence of the message (as Marina was saying) is often held in the first few lines of Lyndas interpretation ... and the Cautionary aspect is a consideration depending on the 'feeling tone' of the question.

May I just say (well Im going to anyway ) you read the Symbols so well Fudugazi!! and I know sometimes there can be doubt about the response you get for the questions you ask ... but I feel you have always had a keen insight into them, and been so connected to them yet you find you doubt your interpretation. I say this with much love, and understand that sometime we all need a clarification, but you have a gift of 'understanding and expressing' with words, and the Symbols talk to you and you comprehend them so well!! I love your interpretations using the Symbols!! and there is also the ability with the Symbols to put your own meanings to them ... what the Symbol says to you - how it impresses upon you. *Elven finishes spiel *

I have found sometimes the Symbol meaning develops over time (which can also be short, but continuous in its development) Once it is known, its almost as if its been 'activated' so that there is a definite outward manifestation of the energy in process. Something tangable, something you can recognise and see - acknowledgement.

Im not sure if this help you with your interpretations , but allowing the symbol energy to form and flow, the answer will reveal itself, formed, so that you can recognise it, applied to the question.

Blessings Fudugazi!
Elven x
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