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Step 6: Druidcraft Queen of Swords

6:1.1 - Select 1 to 3 keywords or phrases that best describe the qualities of each suit in the DRUIDCRAFT TAROT.

Fire - inspiration, energy, ambition
Air - initiation, power, leadership
Earth - generative force, desire, spiritual realm

Water - relationships, moods, imagination
Air - love, home, festivities
Fire - creativity, emotions, music

Air - problem-solving, analysis, acuity
Fire - courage, beliefs, conquest
Earth - practicality, hardship, struggle
Water - obstacles to defeat, necessity, negative emotions

Earth - security, being grounded, fruits of labor, results
Air - trade, health, finances
Fire - family orientation

6.1.2 - Which suit/element keywords best describe the qualities of the QUEEN OF SWORDS?


(primarily air with a hint of fire?)

The Queen of Swords appears to be courageously facing problems head on (seated facing into the wind), and not merely reacting to them - rather, she is hanging on to her sword (thought processes), and watchfully examining the situation from a high altitude (mental acuity) in order to integrate her environment according to the information received. She's prepared to take action if necessary, but not before fully analyzing the situation.

6:2.1 - Examine each of the 4 modes and select 1 to 3 keywords that speak to you in a reading.

Court Cards

Minor Arcana Pips

Major Arcana


6:2.2 - Separate your deck into the 4 modes. From which does the QUEEN OF SWORDS come? What does that suggest about its significance?

The Queen of Swords comes from the Courts mode. This suggests to me that this card has to do with describing a person taking on the role or having the attitude of of the Queen of Swords. As a Queen, she nurtures or reflects on matters of her element - swords and mental activity.

Therefore, this card might refer to the role of one who receives information, processes it and nurtures it (taking bits of data and analyzing it until it becomes an integrated information set?) and is able to assess the situation with clarity and objectivity. If you want the support of someone who is able to cut through the crap and see what's really going on, this would be a good person to seek out. If you need to objectively gain clarity about your own situation, you may wish to set aside emotional reactions and take on the role of this queen.

On the downside, this also may describe a person who tends to hold onto ideas and beliefs and maintains them (because Queens nurture and support), rather than being willing to let them go when they've outlived their usefulness.
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