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Originally Posted by Master_Margarita

I think it's helpful to look at the 6,7, and 8 of Water as a group: The Dream (total fantasy), Projections (imposing fantasy characteristics on the real person in front of you), and Letting Go (what you have to do when you see through the projections). At the end of all this comes: Harmony (end of the Water minors) and, ultimately, Healing (the last Water court card).
wow thats a great observation!! thank you for that Master Margarita!!

I for some reason dislike most of the book meanings for cards. The authors view on love is depressing and negative and when I read the description of this card it angers me.

I dont know what to make of the image. is it saying get your head off the clouds and have a realistic perspective of what love really is. ie. more than a fairytale ending. is it saying anyone can have what they desire in a relationshipe ventually, is it saying your problems will not end because you are in a relationship?

I look at it and it depresses me. I feel like this deck looks at love as if the person desiring a relationship is a loser for wanting that bond with another being.
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