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Wands fire; Enthusiasm Creativity Action
Cups water: Relationships Empathy Inner processes
Swords air: Decision Communication Understanding
Pentacles earth: Skills Fruits of labour Security

The High Priestess
Water: Receptive, empathic, feeling.

Court: Who; an aspect of personality, job or role, energy personified
Minors: What; what is going on, the situation
Majors: Why; archetypal energies, psychospiritual needs. The cause
Aces: Where; the realm of greatest potential, new opportunities

The High Priestess
From the major arcane, water element. I understand my card to be a looking into ones higher self, examining your inner spiritual wellbeing. Connecting mind and spirit. So I would be asking: Are there feelings to be examined? how is the spirit? Is there a connection between the body and spirit? What is the cause of the spiritual, emotional change or pain? Are you starting on a journey to you inner self? are you ready? What can you do to get ready?

Ps: many thanks Dave for this study group and that though a bit late out, i can follow the steps after you guys. Lots and lots og good things here.
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