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Originally Posted by rachelcat
I LOVE the Cosmic Tribe! (I think I would have trouble whipping it out to read for people, though!) I hope to rope it into my Thoth study at some point. I didn't go so far as you to use a minor for a chosen card, though!!!

I would like to introduce you to my friend, Chela. She is my roommate for Readers Studio. We met on the RS ning. And she just joined AT. And, like everyone else, she is farther along than I am in her 21 Ways study!!
~waves at Chela~

I can't imagine why you would have trouble whooping the CT out for a reading! ~chuckles~. I think 21 Ways is the perfect way for you to become comfortable with your Thoth and open you up to studying it without being intimidated by everything.

You just keep trucking along with 21 Ways and you will be caught up before you know it!
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