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Moving beyond the dream...

I too disagree with many text associating with the cards - for example Friendliness, I find the whole anti-marriage concept very disturbing. Which raised a lot of controversy around Osho.

When I look at this and at the 6 of Cups together, I find this card more of a counsel of trying to see love beyond romance and your own imagination, and see what the real love is.

The difference of this card and the 7 of Water to me is that in this one, I am imagining what the love would be like, what the lover would be like, based on "my" personal conception of love. 7 of Water is trying to stuff the lover into my imagination. 8 of Water is about just give that up - give up your imagination and any preconceived notion of how "love" or how "relationship" should be.

It doesn't mean all the conceptions of love are all wrong, but there are definitely imaginations and reality, and in imaginations, the pitfall is over-expectation. So the counsel I get from this card is to accept the other person's limitation, understand that you are preoccupied with an ideal, thus demanding concept of love. The goal is to realize that love is both wonderful and imperfect at the same time. This way, there can be leeway in a relationship to accommodate any accidents along the way, rather than suffer the complete devastation after acute disillusionment.
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