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Originally Posted by Freddie
I'm still grumpy over the backs. Why do a great package like this and screw it up with a horrible back design. If this were a guitar reissue, these sets would be on the shelf forever and not be sold. My Fender Telecaster from a few years back is just like a 1952 model..aged colour and all.even same case....etc. Why do we as Tarot consumers just accept any ole type of junk they throw us. I get the feeling someone is saying 'You people will never get a vintage Rider deck with Roses & Lillies backs' lol....

I think we should have boycotted this deck as a message to that certain company. First off, they should have refund everyones money who purchased a made in Italy 'Original Rider Waite' deck and then produced a proper vintage reissue in place of it.

Lo Scarabeo could fix this problem by removing the extra titles from their forthcoming Rider deck and putting in the original handwritten ones back in. If printed in the same manner as their 'Ancient Italian Tarots', I think they have a runaway bestseller.

I really like this new back design and I think it's a good idea for a Centennial deck to have a new back design which pays homage to Pixie Smith.

I ordered this set last week and I'm really, really looking forward to using it.
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