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I think the deck is beautiful despite my not liking the backs. I hope you'll enjoy it.

I just feel that the 100 anniversary reissue of this deck should have been treated with more integrity. I feel putting it back into its' original glory would have been a great way of paying homage to it. I understand Pixie painted it and what a glorious masterpiece she created, but A.E. Waite did concieve it, so I don't need her signature on the back.

Why has the Thoth deck retained the same back (I've seen a couple other backs as well) while the Rider-Waite has been constantly messed with? I feel the cross pattern is just as important to that deck as the Roses and lilies are to the Rider. I think it is a matter of reverence and respect.

Is there any chance Pixie painted the Ro & Li backs?

Just my humble opinion and maybe some on here can elighten me on this subject.

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