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.. I had trouble reading the Fey when I first got it. It was a beautiful deck, and I loved it.. but it didn't read like most tarots and it confused me, so I sold it.

... However, its been calling me back lately and I regret not giving it more time.. Most people seem to do well with it after a bit of study.. so I think I just didn't try hard enough!

The Faeries Oracle - well that deck has NO rules! It is very intuitive.. and every card can mean something different to each person... Its a very personal deck - and after awhile, you feel as if you know each Faerie individually. It is my favorite deck!!!!

If I were choosing, I'd go with the Faerie's Oracle first.. but like I said earlier.. if you are really trying to concentrate on learning Tarot before jumping into oracles.. that could change the decision.. :o)

You really can't go wrong with either - and since you plan to buy both eventually, I don't think you can make a mistake here :o)
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