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Are the seven Riders symbolising the Procession of the Sun?

I hope this is not too far off topic.
But reading this thread my thought was There are 7 Riders in The Rider Tarot Pack.
Are those together also make a connection to a procession?

The Doors “Love her madly”:
“Seven horses seems to be on the mark”

There are seven riders in tarot.
We find them on 2 Trump cards; 4 Court Cards and on one minor.
Respectively Death (XIII), The Sun (XIX), The four Knights and 6 of Wands.

In Hinduism Surya is a Sun God. Surya rides across the heavens in a chariot drawn by seven horses. The seven Horses symbolize cosmic rays and the colors of the Rainbow and also the seven days of the week.

Now look to the Cards: They are all connected with the Sun in my opinion:

Death is connected with The astrological Scorpio, a fixed Star sign.
XIII is connected with The Hebrew Letter Nun, which means Fish.
Nun is The Path between 6. Tipharet (Sun) and 7. Netzach (Venus)

The Sun is connected with our central Sun. The Sun rules Leo and The element Fire and is exalted in Aries. The Sun is also connected with the 6th Sefira. Only This naked Child-Knight, The Sun, has no reigns! (He does not need these as He is the Center)

Knights are riding on horses. Horses are symbols of the Sun. All Knight are connected with the 6th Sefira Tipharet, The Sun.
Astrological attributions of the Knights are Connection between the Fixed signs and Mutable signs. Reflect this on the Knight of Death. Connected with a Fixed sign Scorpio and meaning Fish in Hebrew, but what also corresponds with the mutable Fish.
Knight of Wands : 20° Scorpio to 20° Sagittarius
Knight of Cups: 20° Aquarius to 20° Pisces
Knight of Swords: 20° Taurus to 20° Gemini
Knight of Pentacles: 20° Leo to 20° Virgo

The minor: 6 of Wands ( rides on a partly covered horse). The sixes from the Minor Arcana are connected with Tipharet, The Sun. Astrological attributions of 6 of wands: Jupiter (Wheel) in Leo (Ruled by the Sun).
A Fixed star sign with the "mutable" wheel

Direction of the seven Riders:
Knight of Cups and Pentacles; Death, Six of Wands: East
Sun: Coming out of the Center marked by the central Sun: South East
Knight Of Swords and Wands: West

All Knights are connected with the 6th Sefira, Tipharet (= beauty), The Sun.
The thirteenth Card Rider of Death makes a connection with Netzach (= triumph) , the Seventh Sefira, which corresponds with Venus. Venus changes from the "Evening star", visible after sunset, to the "Morning star", visible before sunrise.

Are the 7 riders symbolising the procession of the SUN?

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