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In the first version I could see a Memento Mori but even more I see a story where Death has come and cleared the way, destroying everything in his path, like a harvest, after which the fields lie barren. The Knight comes along. He's like Pluto/Hades on his black horse and the fields around him are bare. But, he carries a seed, so I can see him planting that seed or giving the first impetus (in the dark) to what is to come later. The 6 of Wands is like a new force that is able to move easily (successfully) into or through the area that had been cleared, perhaps not even realizing that the way had been prepared or blessed after its destruction by the Knight of Pentacles.

In Procession II in which the 6 of Wands goes first, it's like heading into something optimistically but this brings devastation (Death) in its wake - perhaps a good intention that ends something. Afterward, either the Knight is left "holding the bag," or the Knight represents a new person or force who considers what can be built or done in the aftermath.

Alternatively, in Procession II, the Knight could be envisioning what needs to "go" in order to be successful. [I like this one!]
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