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The last bit of information we need is the location to cast the chart. For the original publishing of the Website that would seem to be Solandia's location at the time.

Now I'm running into a Virgo streak, with logical quibbles, so perhaps Astraea could help me out here. We could take the push of the 'publish' button as the moment of birth and that seems sensible enough. However for the first post in the Resurrection thread I'm not sure -

Do we take:

Solandia's location?

the location of the first person to post (Strange2 in Flossmoor Illinois)?

or use the location of the Server on which Aeclectic lives?

Indeed just to complicate matters in the Resurrection thread, Solandia mentions a 'new' server - so if there was a change of server did the main site 'die' as well and was later reborn (new server) at a later date - Solandia's registration information says she joined on August 1st 2001.

Following the ruler of 'keep it simple' I would perhaps keep to Solandia's date and time given above for the main site and ignore the break - this date is at least in keeping with the birth of the 'idea'

The first forum post we have a date and time for - but I'm not sure of the location
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