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Thanks for that exceptionally clear reply.

I am certain in my own mind that the 'birth' of the Aeclectic website is Solandia's location (at the time and date given by her).

I can see a case for using the server as the location for the first post but given the real problem of finding where in the world the server is, I think that is rather a futile course of action.

Therefore I think I will try two charts dor the first post, one for Solandia's location, which seems the better bet but out of pure curiosity, I will also do a chart for the poster's location.

There is a 'snail mail' address for Aeclectic on the main site. This gives a 'home' of Coorparoo DC, which is a suburb of Brisbane. This seems to be a sensible location to use for the chart.

Edited to Add that wherever the location , at the time of the first post there was a conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the North Node, all within an arc of 1 degree 12 minutes - all three benefic influences in conjunction. In the Flossmoor chart they also lie in the ninth house - spirituality, philosophy and long distance travel so that bit fits.
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