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Sorry I could not get here sooner, but I thank Minderwiz for alerting me to this thread

I recall at least 2 major crashes with the last the 3rd or possibly the 4th.

The 1st crash was attributed to the growth of the forums. Though only a fraction of what they are now (included Talking Tarot, Chat, Spirituality), the existing program was unable to support the forums. All of the data was lost then.

The second time it crashed was apparently also due to a technical glitch, but I recall at least a part of the data was retrievible.

Not sure when Solandia began pruning threads from the forums to avoid a similar loss, but could have been utilized after the first crash.

There was also a technology update that led to the loss of some threads, including the original Sanctorum Arcanum posted by AmounrA, which may represent the third "crash".

The forums as they are now, not including the revisions & updates of technology (on-going since the first crash) represent the reformation of the forums from its last crash. In effect, the prior forums were lost in toto or the data was so damaged that attempting to retrieve them was not feasible. So, not only were threads lost but also membership records, member profiles, post levels. Members re-registered & reposted profiles. Solandia left it up to members to indicate or estimate their last post level.

During the 10-day period after the last forums crash, the mainsite was also down. Those members who remembered the previous crashes & had each other's private e-mails, e-mailed each other in an effort to determine what happened & to keep in touch. Tarotbear started sending around a newsletter-type e-mail for this purpose. We were all confident AT would live again, but were not sure about the forum data (which we subsequently discovered was gone).

Unfortunately, I lost all my computer data during my original PC's first crash, so do not have as reference the correspondence with some members nor any of some of the threads I copied (from before crash to March, 2002). My PC data is only from March, 2002, which represents what I had backed up after my PC's first crash & prior to a second PC crash.

The thread by Strange2 is the first thread in the resurrected forums.

Speaking as a layman & not as one knowledgeable about the astrological implications--As the forums are such an integral part of AT, I would tend to see the August, 2001 date as more significant where the forums are concerned; the actual date for the mainsite also for consideration for a more wholistic view.

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