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Thank you for sharing the story of your dogs La Force!
This card is really amazing with all the stories it has to share. Im glad you didnt bin it. And Im glad I have heard all these and many other stories about this card. I used to really hate this card but now I have gradually learned to see it as a very informative part of this amazing deck.
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Three of Pentacles

My take on this card, so reminds me of me, I am an artist at heart, wow sorry this so me, yes he looks a bit annoyed, has the look of ha as if saying "What do you mean?" " You want how?" " you want me to change something in the painting? it isn't quite right" " well then how do you want it?"
Oh yes! This is excellent. I feel these are the exact questions he/this card is asking. This goes straight into my notebook. Thank you.
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