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Don't believe the hysterical New Age hype about Saturn returns as some grim, dismal affair -- and I say this with love as someone who went through theirs in the last 2 years (and I have Saturn rx Scorpio if that helps). What happened? Well, I moved to a different city in another country and started my PhD -- as serious of a commitment as it gets to work. As with most of life, there are ups and downs -- when he was in Libra (opposite my Aries asc.) circa 2012, that was a powder keg that blew up my life/relationships painfully at the time -- but it also sussed out who didn't belong there, so never fear Saturn -- the pain is a blessing and sometimes opens ways to move forward. Think of Saturn's visits as a reminder from a fussy great-grandpa figure to constantly evolve yourself as a human being -- my two cents

I just read my Susan Miller horoscope and had to giggle a bit:
"Saturn's return to your ninth house will give you just thirteen weeks of tutoring, and in the process you will learn to polish your work to a new level of sophistication. You may find that your projects take a little longer than you estimate, and might cost more than you estimate, so keep that in mind at the onset, when you agree to deadlines. Things will normalize in mid-September. Your ninth house will be involved, so if traveling abroad, have precise addresses and phone numbers of accommodations ahead of time, and call to confirm all. ....You have had two years of taskmaster Saturn's tutoring in your ninth house, covering not only the media and foreign travel and relationships, but also might influence matters related to your efforts to get an advanced degree or to deal with the courts."

I'm a pisces/aries cusp, and I will be taking comprehensive exams for candidacy in September AND looking at doing a research trip or two. Fancy that timing
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