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I decided to make a chart with the Angel names and the cards to which they correspond. Uri Raz's page was helpful with the Hebrew names. It also has meanings for the names if a person's interested in that.

As I was working on this, I discovered several misprints on the cards and made notes as I came across them, along with a few other oddities.

The names in parentheses are from Regardie, the others are from Uri Raz. In most cases the spellings are very different but I think they're just two different ways of transliterating the Hebrew into English. There's one case I believe where Uri Raz may have read the Hebrew wrong.

I'm not sure how important it is to have the first and second Angels in the proper order. In several cases the order on the cards is different from both Uri Raz and Regardie, so I used the card order simply to avoid confusion.

Here it is. I made it into an image file because it's less hassle to upload and link to.
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