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Hello Raven,

What a wonderful idea ! Thank you so much raven for coming up with this idea, this thread, and building up this group

I am happily signing in.
I do not know right now wich deck I will use, I will reflect on that in the coming days, and maybe share my ideas here if you do not mind.
I think for this I would like a deck that both celebrates summer and light, and also celebrates feminity. Maybe the Clover tarot, so sunny and feminine.... or one of my more witchy decks, like Druidcraft or Green Witch... mmm ... the Mystic Faery tarot would suit the season well too. I will see.

I suppose one challenge for me will be to find a space in the house to leave the spread out for 12 days, out of reach of my kids, and, even worse, out of reach of the cats (my cats always seem to be drawn to anything tarot related, and love to come up and sniff the cards and eventually lie on the spread). But I will come up with something !
I am already picturing in my head a quiet sacred place, a beautiful reading cloth, crystals and incense burning slowly while the cards are thoughfully added one by one. It might turn into a summer altar.. if only it could rest 12 days undisturbed in my home.

I am very excited
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