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Originally Posted by Galadhwen View Post
To Mitsuraki,

You got: The High Priestess Rx - The Hierophant Rx - Eight of Pentacles (Animal Totem Tarot)

Sometimes we feel that all the things that we knew and we have decided upon became a liability once we realized how hard it is to execute the plan. The first thing that you can do is to release your expectations and allow yourself to think beyond conventions, tuning into your inner guidance (or just good ol' gut feeling) that you might have not needed before. This kind of situation called for a fresh perspective free of existing limitations as opposed to stubbornly wishing things still go in your way no matter the progression of things. Be still and sometimes mountains don't need to be climbed.
Knight of cups - 10 of swords rx - 10 of wands

It seems that you are into a very sensitive mode at this time, like you are experiencing a sensitive situation where your emotions are involved, I feel that this is causing some kind of depression and bad energy for you and it might have a been very torturing lately, you will manage to get rid lots! of this weight, it feels like it carries lots of weight the phase or situation you are in now, I feel that the following time will be very relieving for you, yuo will release this weight and this inner torture and return back to the start open and fresh, with new energy to invest into something healthier.
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