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What is the Knight of Pentacles trying to say to me?

Hi guys,

Im new to the Fey study group and I guess I should really start with an introduction, but then again, I thought hey why not just dive in there with a question!

Its about recurring cards or rather a particular recurring card.

Ive recently started the dating game again after quite a long period of happy singledom, and am therefore having to learn the whole relationship thing all over again! (with all the joys and woes that entails! :-) ) So I turn to the Fey for advice when things get confusing and Ive noticed that I quite often draw the Knight of Pentacles for relationship questions. Hell come up in different positions, and sometimes upright and sometimes reversed.

Over a period of time, Ive drawn him in relation to different relationships/dates, so Im starting to wonder if he is trying to tell me something fundamental about my approach to relationships, rather then commenting on any relationship in particular.

Most recently Ive drawn him as a single card, looking for pointers about my current relationship. Ive got myself into a situation where I always seem to be waiting around for my date to finish a game of golf, or cricket, so I never know what time hes going to turn up.
Waiting around like this drives me demented Im too independent to do the whole waiting by the phone thing but I allow it to happen, because I like to be flexible and be nice to people. (The thing is, if I feel taken for granted, then I get very pissed off, and nice is the last thing Im likely to be. :-) ) Now, the obvious answer to this is to talk to the gentleman concerned and work something out (which I'm sure I can, and will - he's a nice bloke) but I feel there are probably larger forces at play here in terms of how I conduct relationships so thats what Im trying to get to the bottom of.

So I said to the Fey, how can I deal with this in the long term and I get the Knight of Pentacles reversed. Not only do I not know what this means right now, but I was really struck by the fact that Ive got him again! I assume its not telling me to go out and buy a giant rabbit, but Im stumped otherwise.
(N.b. I also asked how I could deal with my feelings in the short term (like, for today), and got the 6 of swords reversed.)

If anyone has any suggestions about what might be going on or for further questions to ask, then Id love to hear.

Hm very long post this I obviously needed to talk! :-) Thanks for listening


Kate (aka PolarBear)
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