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It's quite alright to post it here, after all it is about the Fey!

I'm one who does not use reversals with my Fey, but....

I see the Knight of Pentacles as one who IS independent. Doing what he does and goes when he feels like going. I could look at this card as your 'opposite'.
Seems to make you wait, doing what he does when he does. Being that it came up reversed the Fey could be saying that (even though he's a nice guy) he's not for you and you should not be so serious about any conflicting issues.
This is not a suggestion of, 'run rabbit, run', there are always things to be learned from any and all relationships

The card as it references you, sorta takes from where 'he' left off....
Again, as you say- you are independent, you have learned and experienced a life alone, and have done it on your own, great accomplishment in the world today. In a reversed position, there could be the need for some grounding and being more connected to your comings and goings, and not those of others. Back to the running rabbit....getting through 'this', take it as a learing experience. Re-discovering the likes and dislikes, the ins & outs od dating and relationships.
again, reversals are not my way with the Fey, but it could be that this card is saying that your current 'path' (train of thought and method of operation) is not going to be productive. This takes me back to connecting with yourself.
Insead of being more focused on THEM, pay more attention to yourself. This can lead, as you say, what it is that inhibits you.
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