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Smile Thanks!

Thanks Lunalafey,

Funnily enough, Iím not a big reversals fan either Ė itís just that today everything came out reversed, so I thought maybe itís a sign. Or maybe I was shuffling the pack upside-down! :-)

I like the idea that the card is suggesting I need to move away from my current approach rather than the relationship.
The run rabbit run was my first interpretation and I have to say that with regard to previous dates I might have done well to do just that! :-)
However, my reaction to your suggestion was ďthatís not what I want to hear!Ē Ė and that did tell me something about the way I feel!

Iím aware that I put a lot of pressure on myself about relationships. I am determined not to settle for second best, but do tend to beat myself up for getting involved at all if they donít work out. So Iím always torn Ö

Also, Iíve allowed him to set the pace of the relationship, which has unsettled me. Weíve only been seeing each other 3 months and already weíve met each otherís parents Ė which feels way too soon for me Ė and kinda makes me feel more committed than I feel ready for (only thereís no turning back time on this one Ė so I just have to live with it :-) )

Now to be fair to the bloke concerned, heís only done all this because Iíve said yes to his suggestions, he hasnít railroaded me - *Iíve* done that. I canít expect him to read my mind!

So, you could be right Ė I would do both him and me a favour of I lightened up a bit. Stop planning how Iím going to punish myself if it doesnít work, and take the risk of working out what I want. And if heís cool with what I need then the relationship will survive, and if heís not, well Ö

And, perhaps, not *run* anywhere at all Ö I always think of the Knight of Pentacles as a plodder, so Iíve never been able to work out why he rides something as frisky as a rabbit!! Maybe itís to balance him; if he rode a tortoise heís become completely immobile. :-) So thatís what I need, maybe Ė balance. Donít run away Ė but donít let myself get stuck in a rut waiting for him to phone (I do the same with friends by the way Ė bend over backwards Ö and then wonder why bits of me start to hurt!)

Just done another draw Ė for support through the afternoon (I really should be working and am finding this most distracting!) Ė and guess who I got Ö AGAIN! So when I work out what heís saying _ I really must listen!

Thanks for your help,

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