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Tarot Cafe Volume 4 is out!

And it is a lovely cap to a beautiful day...clear after a bit of wind and rain yesterday, even hail...

We visited with friends after their new baby's baptism and saw some old friends that haven't been around for awhile...and heard news of seeing some faces next month as well...and when my love asked, "anything else while we're out..." I thought of the local Borders.

And lo and behold, Tarot Cafe 4 was on the shelf! I went first to the Borders Booksearch kiosk first to make certain. Then I walked carefully among a bunch of quiet, mannerly teenagers (they were all Asian, actually) curled up in different corners around the shelves reading through their favored titles. There must have been five kids at least either standing or sitting with their heads in the different books...and I located my title, very carefully stepped around them and purchased my book.

I look forward to a good read sometime this weekend, as my congestion suggests to rest and stay warm...

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