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Thanks for the contributions, Rachelcat! I've added your suggestions to the list.

I've also rearranged the list in alphabetical order, and created a third category - decks that might be considered Thoth clones (rather than just Thoth inspired). Personally, I'm not quite sure how to define a true "clone." The Liber T is typically considered a clone because it stays so close to the original art, only rendered in a different style - yet even the Liber T adds in a lot of material that was not contained in the Thoth.

I guess what make the Via and the Liber T "clones" to my eye (while some of the other decks might not be) comes down to a gut reaction. I cannot look at the Via, for example, without immediately thinking "oh wow, it looks like the Thoth." With something like the Tarot of the Sephiroth, though, I have to look for a while before thinking, "hmm...some of this strongly resembles the Thoth." Hardly a scientific distinction, I know .

But please, if anyone objects to my categories, speak up. I'm certainly no Thoth expert; I'm just making a list is all.
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