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Originally Posted by Mirror of Galadriel View Post
The best I can arrive it is maybe.
This is it in a very concise nutshell, and exactly where I landed after decades of contemplation on the subject. As a student of astrology first and a qabalistic aspirant second (beginning in 1968 for one and 1972 for the other), once I figured it out I've become reasonably satisfied with the "double loop" explanation as introducing the zodiacal symmetry Crowley sought once he reinstated the TdM order of Justice/Adjustment and Strength/Lust. Ross made a very comprehensive and convincing argument for this earlier in the thread. The rest of it strikes me as an extravaganza of overreaching (of which the Tzaddi-Tsar-Czar conflation stands as the most suspect example) to force-fit this concept into what originated as a mystical epiphany and not a logically-deduced imperative (all the convoluted rationalizing came later). I wonder if it ever occurred to Crowley to question his source before undertaking all that heavy lifting.

A lot of very thoughtful and elegant observations have been made in this thread, but ultimately, like Omar Khayyam, I've come "out by the same Door where in I went." Having a better understanding of what Crowley may have been about hasn't convinced me to undertake adopting it into my own thinking any more than my own lengthy deliberations have.
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