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Originally Posted by WooMonkey
HAHA! I felt this way too, when I came back after being gone for a week. I started wondering if I had been gone longer!

This card was/is unclear to me also. The swords seem to be pointing in all different directions, and it feels chaotic and undirected. The 3-2-2 grouping doesn't speak to me either. The book mentions a second possible meaning as theft of ideas or creative energy. Perhaps if I take a later look, something will become apparent. (Unless the card has sucked out all my creative energy )
that's why I suggested you look at the layout of the swords as 2 3 2

I think the physical constraints of the cards dimensions put this image at a disadvantage but still you can get the feeling of divisiveness from the 3/swords which hangs like a threat over the pair of 2's

you can interpret this as I said before as:
X barrier III divide/conquer X barrier


3/swords threatens the peace and stability of 4 (2 x 2)
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