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Originally Posted by Goddessofthehunter View Post
Not that I have been in one..... yet..... but I think jail cells are preeeetty tight spaces so make sure you stay clear of them when they start duking it out. Oh and only YOU know why and how you ended up in there.

I'll take the drink and surf my smart phone. That guy sounds just a bit too weird for me.


4 of Pentacles / 8 of Wands Rx

A. You spend the night worrying about who your guy is talking to on his guys night out.


B. Here you will find yourself in the 10 items or less line, behind the old lady paying for her items with pennies as she counts them one by one.
I'll take B. I have plenty of patience but I don't sit well with jealousy/possessiveness.

1. world - a hot air balloon trip around the county
2. ace of wands rx - winning a sonic screwdriver replica at the local fair

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