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Wow was this hard, and it was also very deep. I had to actually work this out in my journal first and I'm just copying and pasting here. This is the kind of thing I've just read about but haven't ever really dug into before.

Qualities of Each Suit

Wands/Fire – Energy, inspiration, risk.

Cups/Water – Emotions, relationships, nurturing.

Swords/Air – Struggle and strategy, will, thought

Pentacles/Earth – Security, skills, rewards and fruits of labor

The 5 of Swords show the Swords/Air keywords very well. The card is about Struggle and Strategy, about how the people in the card thought the struggle would work out and how it actually worked out, and about the status of the Will of each of the players.

Modes: Alruna put it this way, and NOTHING has spoken to me as much as this simple explanation of the Modes of Tarot has. So I’m copying it and adding just a bit of my own thinking.

Court cards – Who? Attitude, aspect of role or job. Who are you? Who are they?
Number Cards – What? The situation, life events, actions. What is actually going on here?
Major Arcana – Why? Archetypal energies, lesson to be learned. Why is this happening?
Aces – Where? Realm of greatest potential, beginnings, fundamental energies. Where is the essence of this situation?

The 5 of Swords is a Number Card. It asks “What is this struggle in your life?” It also offers three different possibilities for who you are in the struggle because in any struggle you can win, you can lose, or you can walk away taking an important lesson with you which the winner can’t take from you, and the loser never sees.

The last Step was about Number. The number 5 is about motion, time and change and alteration according to Mary Greer. So far, even with the pure intuitive stuff I've done with this card, I've been talking about how the situation of the three figures in the card has been changed by the struggle they engaged in just before the time shown on the card. So, in this case at least, the card is also saying WHEN did the struggle happen? The struggle in this card is over. What is going on now is dealing with the results of the struggle. Which one of the figures is YOU?
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