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21 Ways - Step 6 Universal Waite

6.1.1 - Keywords for the suits
Cups/water - feelings, nourishment, intuition
Wands/fire - inspiration, creativity, passion
Swords/air - analysis, strategy, understanding
Pentacles/earth - final result, actualization, health & fitness

6.1.2 - My card is the King of Wands, which is a court card and the suit/element keywords that best describe it are: inspiration, innovation and ambition.

6.2.1 - Keywords related to mode that speak to me
Court Cards - (they ask the question who?) - an aspect of personality, a way of relating to others
Number Cards - (ask the question what?) - the situation, life events, what is going on
Major Arcana - (ask the question why?) - the cause, a lesson to be learned
Aces - (ask the question where?) - the element or spere of greatest potential, beginnings

6.2.2 - My card is the King of Wands and comes from the mode of the court cards. The significance of this implies my card refers to an aspect of personality or a way of relating to others. Combined with the suite/element of my card this implies an aspect of my personality or the way I need to relate to others involves inspiration, creativity and passion.
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