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The Wild Unknown Tarot - The Lovers VI

2 geese, I think they are Canada geese but I'm no expert , fly from left to right in the centre of the card. Behind them is a burst of light, blue light, starting from a point in the top, central part of the card and spreading out in a starburst pattern to cover the rest of the card..

I've been doing a bit of reading about animal and bird symbolism and geese seem to symbolise fidelity (they mate for life) and fertility (their feathers are often used in feather beds). They are noisy birds so they're also symbols of communication and co-operation.
Geese migrate in formation and so they also symbolise knowing when to lead and when to follow and apparently they never leave an injured goose.. If a goose becomes injured and has to drop out of the V-shaped formation, another goose stays with it until it can either try to catch up or dies..
Because of the migration they are also symbols of quests and of the mystery involved with starting a quest.
As well as mating for life, they share the upbringing and nest guarding when they have goslings.
All of these things make me think that these 2 geese are a very good choice for The Lovers card.

The Lovers card's number is 6. 6 is a number of balance and harmony and the choices we make to get balance and harmony back following the changes and upsets of the 5s. 6 is made up of two 3s (an active number about branching out, growth, creativity etc); there seems to be a flow of energy there, there isn't any stagnation with the number 6, it's a comfortable place to be.. It's a number that's about relationships with others, communication and of seeking out balance or in the case of The Lovers, the person or thing that completes you - I think that fits very well with the questing part of the goose symbolism; in the Majors it comes at the time when you're growing up, about to leave home and look for something more or someone, your life partner.
Looking at this image I get a feeling of calmness and healing because the colour blue for me is a very healing colour..

So this is a card about love, commitment, completion and fidelity. It's also about choices and I tend to think of it as a card about choices of the heart - if I ask about something and The Lovers turns up I think that I should go with my heart rather than my head (if there is a difference).. Love is about making the choice to surrender yourself to your feelings and to that other person.. It's a card about responsibility too and there is a massive element of trust with The Lovers card - it's a big thing to make yourself vulnerable and to tell someone that you love them, when you do that you open yourself up to the prospect of being loved in return or being rejected...
To me as a TdM user, this is often a card about making the choice to move on too - the image on the TdM shows a man standing between 2 women with a cupid firing an arrow above them. It looks as if the first woman is his mother as she's older and the second woman, who is is moving towards is younger with flowers in her hair (his new love)..
The Lovers is a very powerful archetype and I admit that it's not one that I find the easiest to understand.. On the surface it's a very superficial card but it has layers and layers of meaning..

As always, more thoughts are welcome..
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