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Originally Posted by Michael Sternbach View Post
All esoteric systems were patched together at an early stage. For instance, our astrology (such a neat, coherent system today!) started out as a fusion of Babylonian, Egyptian, and Greek elements.
As were the Tree of Life and the tarot....but, I don't advocate throwing the baby out with the bathwater. In order to become eligible to be honored as one of the Perennial Philosophies, it should meet the criteria of standing alone. The tarot is a time-honored philosophy that stood alone until the GD decided to do a "collage" with it that I feel is/was a legitimate experiment. But the tarot is autonomous....ultimately shedding the barnacles that attempt to attach and grow on it. Papus's system simply arranges it in a pattern, but he did not attempt to paste it onto an existing philosophy such as the "Tree of Life" as did the GD.

But, what I'm saying is that having once understood Crowley's method, the accumulated knowledge becomes a stepping stone beyond knowledge is wasted, just as no knowledge is an end in itself, it continues to it must. We humans are putting together a puzzle and every piece of it contributes to the growing picture. I am still curious to understand Crowley's method...there's a reason it is loved by so many....but that doesn't make it the Truth. As we all know, the Truth is in the Sword.....and one's ability to use it.
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