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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
To my way of thinking, the true test with any appreciation of Crowley lies in attempting to come to grips with The Book of the Law. I finally concluded, after living with it and trying to get my head around it for decades, that it's an atmospheric dose of exalted faux-Egyptian window-dressing harboring half-a-dozen nuggets of pure brilliance that form the basis for much of his "system." Don't expect any kind of humanistic enlightenment from it though; it's pretty uncompromising stuff.
Thanks Barleywine. I have never seen "The Book of the Law", but I do happen to have "The Book of Thoth." I have been reading some of the interesting commentary on this forum...and Crowley's quotes.....and it struck me that Crowley reminds me of a cult leader. I once had an opportunity (working for Ruth Stapleton) to listen to some recordings of Jim Jones of Jonestown, and I remember thinking "Wow...he sounds fantastic. I can see how anyone would follow him into hell and drink his 'Kool Aid'." I was going to tape his talks, but decided I wanted nothing to do with it. He had that charisma and that kind of power over the mind that was frightening. Crowley's system is a religion, which comes across as an "anti-religion." I have often observed brilliant minds caught in that trap....nothing screws up the thinking like religion. I am inclined to wonder if Crowley had a religious upbringing that he was battling his whole life. Hence, I've decided I'm not really interested in Crowley anymore. In my opinion, it is a waste of too much of my precious time. I much prefer the simplistic method...I find it trustworthy.
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