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Waite's FRC Tree of Life Diagram

I've been studying Waite's Fellowship of the Rosy Cross, so I created this diagram to help get organized. Thought I'd share it.

The source information comes mainly from these books, Complete Rosicrucian Initiations of the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross. It's a gold mine. The other one is, Rosicrucian Rites and Ceremonies of the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross. It's a little shorter and not quite as informative but still quite interesting.

Waite keeps the Hebrew letters with their usual paths but the order and arrangement has been change for a lot of them as you'll see. The tarot images associated with them has changed for nearly all of them. The images are referred to as the "Symbols of the Paths" and the first book describes a lot of them in detail. They can be seen online here. There are at least two images for each card with the exception of one, the Fool I believe. One card in each set has a Roman numeral at the bottom that indicates the path. The 0 card corresponds to Daath.

The Neophyte grade represents the postulant's symbolic entering of the temple and isn't associated with a Sephirah, but the 0 = 0 and 1 = 10 taken together correspond to Assiah and the First Order.

I'm up for discussion if anyone would like to. I find the whole thing pretty fascinating.


Symbols of the Paths Diagram
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