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For Coyoteblack

I really enjoyed your description of your 5 of Swords as well, emotionally I think you really dug into all aspects of the card. I read your description before viewing the card and I could really see the emotions you described.

I think what I love most about my FM is describing the cards and calling them "the moth lady" or bach when working with my Star "the Ibis-Woman" ~giggles~. When doing a reading with this deck and pointing out the "turkey lady" or whatever cool creature is there it lightens up the reading in a way while opening door to tell whatever needs to be told and it be well received. I a have to admit, I never thought I would like this deck as much as I do. Its social commentary aspects are so real and down to earth, and its wit and spunk just really do something. I will be eternally grateful to Karen for trading the deck to me.

It took me a long time to divide out the deck per emotion, but it was fun. I actually had to think some about each card in the deck. When I was done then I started to see what could be combined, and determine why I did not want to combine some things like "belligerant, hostile and anger". But as I looked at the cards they were different emotions and could not be lumped in together. On some cards I had to sacrifice one emotion over another, and I did it by how I was feeling when I did the work. As stated earlier in a reading it will depend on what stands out in the card at the time as to what emotion I will see. If you ever have the time or inclination, you might really want to try doing it.
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